ho trovato questo bot per clash of clans per pc online da gamebot.org e devo dire che è ottimo
questa è la versione 2.0 ed è funzionante e gratis al 100% in confronto a tante che non vanno che trovi su internet
ecco un'immagine del bot
Clash of Clans free bot pc

qui ci sono alcune informazioni che la versione 2.0 ha di nuovo:

v2.0 Change log:
1:Complete GUI overhaul
2:New bot users no longer need to manually resize BlueStacks (simply launch the bot and BlueStacks and the bot will do the rest)
3:Fixed an issue where users would experience the Bot to hang upon launching
4:The ability to manually activate your Hero special abilities after your preferred time frame
5:The ability for your Hero's special ability to activate automatically activate when low health is detected
6:Improved attack option (TH outside)
7:Added Wizards as an extra troop
8:Added search reduction setup (resources will drop after x number of searches)
9:Added option to raid after troop capacity reaches "x%"
10: Donation chat requests now detect spaces between words
11:Bot checks for donation requests and recognizes them almost instantly
12:Added option for trophies (now includes minimum & maximum)
13:Added new Army composition
14:Added ability for the bot to not train troops (select "0" for Archers, Barbarians, Goblins)
15:Improved the battle end option which sometimes would return home with false Gold/Elixir detected changes
16:Improved stats page with more detailed information showing you exactly how your bot is performing.
17:Optimized certain functions to reduce the "out of sync" issue
18:Stats page overhaul giving much more detail as to how your bot is performing
19:Many other minor bug fixes