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PlayS4L is a Season 8 Neo Netsphere Private Server for S4 League.

We offer a stable server with all features currently available on official NA!

x2 Experience
x4 Pen

Capsule Event (Weekly Event)
Every 2 hours you can relog and gain a prize point, this prize point will give you a random capsule (12 capsules per day if you no life!) that is available for that week. You can win many different capsules and as the weeks go on more and more will become available.

Tribunal System (Beta)
We are currently in beta for a tribunal system, the tribunal system is a community ran ban system for hackers, we understand hacking is a big problem in S4 League and having many GM's sitting through tickets trying to catch players is just god awful so why don't we reward you guys with AP and you guys can help us stop the hackers and get rewarded too! Sound fair? Of course GM's will be monitoring hacking still but lets work together on making PlayS4L a well ran and clean experience for all players!

Free AP!
Gain Free AP for advertising PlayS4L on sites for us (This event will end 1 month after release)

Your opinion and feedback is everything to us, join our forums let us know how we can help you have a better experience with an amazing game like this!

Insanely Cheap Donation prices!

We are currently designing level up milestone packages and a starter package that will be free for all players, but instead of us just creating these packages we believe it would be best you guys come join our forums and let us know your suggestions on this feature!


Server Specs:
24GB Ram
Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHZ
1tb HDD
1gbps connection
Location: Europe

Join now and join the best!

By Meliodas