Rage against the machine

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    Games sometimes piss me off a lot. I'm putting off starting another game of Thea: The Awakening because deep down I'm having trouble letting go of the anger from the last game, for reasons I detailed in the "What are you playing?" thread.

    Obviously anger against games is hardly unusual or we wouldn't have the phrase "ragequit."

    It's worth noting that, I generally don't feel that way about multiplayer games. With boardgames there's a strong social element, and losing doesn't trouble me in the slightest because a lot of it is about the chit-chat around the table. One reason I didn't care for my brief fling with Duplicate Bridge is that table talk is verboten, and that sucked all the fun out of the game for me.

    Even with anonymous computer games, though, I'm perfectly fine with losing if the playing field is level. I'm not a particularly good at shooters, but I didn't mind having my head handed to me in Destiny PVP.

    There are two notable multiplayer exceptions for me. Surprise PVP in WoW pissed me off a lot, particularly if my "opponent" was some jerk 10 levels above me. It was mostly that when the setup was patently unfair, with a side order of irritation if I was being forced into PVP when all I wanted to do was finish a quest. I know some people thrive on that, but it just made me really angry.

    The other case is poor sportsmanship in chat (usually text chat). Smack talk, trolling, any sort of personal insult - that sort of thing ruins a game for me. Again, I know some don't see that as being a problem, view it as being "part of the game," but it turns what I want to be a friendly competition into something ugly.

    Those are the multiplayer exceptions, though. The vast majority of the time, it's only single player games that push my buttons. Again, it's usually about feeling that something is unfair in some way. That feeling is sometimes not justified, of course, but even realizing that it's a matter of my not being skilled enough, or making the wrong decision, doesn't always diffuse the feeling.

    It's highly variable. It's hard for me to predict when I'll just shrug something off as being "difficult," and when I'll feel like the game's being completely unreasonable. This ranges from mild to serious rage. The "I want to break the game pad" (if the game has one) type, or a string of uncontrollable swearing. Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype did that to me. So did Timeshock Pinball. By comparison, the burn from Thea is very mild. Not a single "eff you" passed my lips.

    I don't like it. Being angry sucks. One thing I could do is just set a game aside for a while if it's pissing me off. The problem is that I usually never, ever come back.

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    I swore at my first game in years yesterday which was the annoying helicopter chase in Deadlight.

    Other than that, I haven't found myself getting angry at games that much recently. It might be the kind of game that I play has changed, or it might be that I'm more likely to just give up on a game these days, or it might be that most games have improved their checkpointing and reduced a lot of the difficulty. best funny ringtones

    From what I remember, when I was younger I never gave up, I just kept retrying and retrying, for a week if need be, until I got past it. I might be raging, but I never thought of stopping. (One of the final missions in Driv3r being the worst 3 days, 150+ retries, many angry mental letters to developers composed)
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    These days, if I quit then I'm unlikely to go back. I actually did go back and finish Deadlight because I found out there was a trick to it, and then went back and tried that successfully within a few hours. But I think that if I hadn't gone back to it the same day then I probably would have ended up forgetting about it and abandoning it.
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    I have a lot of these.
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