The plastic flashlights generally adopt the ordinary LED lighting, which have between 1-20 small LED and suit for brightness around dozens of lumen. Led flashlights are the latest development trend of the torch,which generally USE the import CREE LED with brightness generally between 150-1000 lumens.

The LED flashlights also divided into floodlight and concentrated:

Floodlight strong light flashlight is not spot, projection lamp or shooting light.Floodlight is highly diffuse without direction rather than a clear outline of beam of light.It creats soft and transparent lighting,which the shadow of the objects used in lighting, lighting of weakening is much slower than when using a spot light, even some of floodlight lighting decreased very slowly, looks like a light source does not produce the shadows.The spotlight creats directional, boundary clear beam to illuminate a specific area.Floodlight in strong light flashlight applications mainly include the telescopic lens or rotating focusing light flashlight, is suffused with light irradiation.

Focusing torch refers to the use of concentrated lens or mirror to light.Focusing lighting our actual means is the center of the strong light flashlight hotspot, shine more bright, center of brightness is very high, limiting magnitude is low, is now more popular flashlight.

So when choosing,friends should choose according to their own actual situation about powerful flashlight illumination brightness

Why we need a Aluminum flashlight

How should we maintain it? Everything has a certain lifespan. How to maintain our LED flashlights can be an essential knowledge.

If a sudden broken problem shows in our flashlights, how should we deal with it? How to repair it? Of course, we should make clear the exact problem first.

The main features of flashlights is light weight, easy to carry, but relatively low- led life . The development trend of aluminum USB rechargeable flashlight is shatterproof , anti-pressure , energy saving. Aluminum rechargeable flashlight relatively based on urban and rural areas customers, plastic Flashlight is aimed primarily at low consumer groups.

Flashlight does not light, it can be repaired by replacing LED. However, we should pay attention to the polarity which can not be reversed . Lead-acid battery is damaged, resulting in not charging and discharging , the performance shows with plug to use. Flashlight switch is bad or damaged can not be turned on. High voltage step-down capacitor damage , or rectifier diode overvoltage damage caused discharged. If so, we only need an ordinary pointer multimeter can detect and solve the problem.

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