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Who is the Author?

The brain behind this product is an individual named Chad Howse who was forced to come up with this idea of a gender specific diet after experiencing several physique-related issues himself.

This product is essentially an eBook that has all the relevant information, tips and techniques which Howse had researched over the past several years before arriving at the final product.

In an age where majority of the weight loss programs focus solely on women, the man diet begs to differ and prove that it is possible for men to follow a tailor made weight loss program that guarantees tangible results.

Many guys think they have bodies that cannot build muscle or burn fat, but the truth is that they are just lacking the optimal testosterone levels,
So this program can easily help them to create.

The Man Diet is a step by step system for fat burning and boosting testosterone boosting. It will show you a simple system that improve your testosterone, so you can look and feel like a younger man. The benefits of man with optimal testrones: Good confident level, sharper mind. Happy, Increased muscle mass, strong electronics & Healthy Libido, healthy heart, strong bones and plenty of energy. It will help any man at any age boost his testosterone to melt fat and feel younger and more confident than ever before. The Man Diet incorporates all the effective methods that helps people get impressive fitness results. It shows you how to position your cheat meals, and cheat days, so you can enjoy ice cream on occasion, without sacrificing your health or fitness goals. Actually, in the cheater’s guide you’ll learn how to cheat to enhance your results. It’s a pretty cool addition to the Man Diet.

  • A step by step guide to produce optimal T levels every day.

  • Morning and evening routines designed to double your T levels.

  • A diet structured around your schedule to produce optimal T levels.

  • A list of things to avoid in your environment that are killing your T levels.

  • Not only will you learn secrets that will help you unlock your true genetic potential, but you’ll learn how to eat in a way that will keep your T levels high, your body fat low, without eating a ton of bland, boring foods.

How does it work?

Chad Howse’s the man diet book lays great emphasis on the role played by testosterone when trying to burn fat and how following diet programs aimed at women create adverse effects on a man’s ability to shed weight.

Throughout the entire course of the program, the readers are introduced to a wide range of methods by the author, which help regain the body’s natural testosterone levels and improve the prospects of losing weight rapidly.

The author also touches upon the myths associated with men’s fitness and provides plenty of scientific evidence to refute the myths. The instructions found in the book are highly detailed and follow a step-by-step approach.

Just by simply following the instructions, one can easily increase their body’s energy levels, muscle development and reduce fat content without the help any strenuous exercises.


  • The Man Diet Supplements Guide: A No B.S. Guide to Vitamins and Supplements.

  • The Man Diet Meal Log: Structure Your Diet Around Your Schedule and Just Plug In Your Meals.

  • The Man Diet Meal Log: Structure Your Diet Around Your Schedule and Just Plug In Your Meals.

  • The Man Diet Cheater’s Guide: Learn How to Eat Tasty Treats Without Them Hurting Your T Levels.

  • The Man Diet Food Choices: A Complete Guide of What to Eat and What NOT to Eat to Naturally Boost Testosterone.

  • Fast Action Bonus: The man diet cookbook: 50 Testosterone-Boosting Recipes Made For Men

The Man Diet Review in Mondo Xbox

The Pros and Cons of “The Man Diet”

Okay, this is the part where I tell you my impressions, and let you form your own opinion of the program, and decide whether or not it is for you.
I tried out the program for two months before writing this review. Why sixty days? This is the period of time I had to return my purchase for a full refund, if it didn’t work out for me. I did see some results after a few weeks, but the plan did require a good amount of focus and just plain discipline. The hardest part, though, was probably changing my habits.
The easiest part was being able to eat the foods I had been missing, because I could never have them on previous diets. Giving up what men really like to eat, namely animal fat and red meat, is not a part of The Man Diet!
I especially liked the ability to contact Chad for support when I was uncertain about the diet’s application, which did happen. The premise of the plan did take a bit of getting used to.
The Man Diet Review in Mondo Xbox

Bottom Line:
The Man Diet program is specially designed for only men, each and everyone can get more benefit from this program. So, don’t miss this valuable opportunity. You’ll get instant access to the full program at the extremely discounted price. This product comes as an affordable deal to its customers. You’ll get all the free bonuses and you can get started boosting your testosterone within the hour. However, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the Man Diet, we’ll give you a complete refund within the first 60 days of your purchase.

The Man Diet Review in Mondo Xbox

The Man Diet Review

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