File Server per creare un server privato di Dragonica, Client + Server.
Capitolo 2

Server 0.19
Compressed 326MB|Uncompressed 3.6GB

There no Working 0.19 client that i can find, however if anyone can provide me the client that would be great!

Capitolo 3

Server 0.14.10
Compressed 280MB|Uncompressed 2.7GB

Client 0.14.10
Compressed 1.87GB|Uncompressed 2.04GB

Server 0.15.12
Compressed 195MB|Uncompressed 1.66GB

Compressed 1.98GB|Uncompressed 2.54GB

Capitolo 4

Server 2.0.14
Compressed 219MB|Uncompressed 2.23GB

Client 2.0.14
Compressed 2.45GB|Uncompressed 2.70GB