RAGAZZI il tool non è mio io l'ho solo postato prelevandolo da un altro forum molto popolare per farvelo conoscere anche a voi la guida è inglese ma non dovrebbe essere tanto difficili da tradurre
LolFlavor.com is a service that uses the LoL API to scrape popular itembuilds from challenger and high diamond games and categorize them. That's why the builds you get are always used by pro players and up to date. You can get more infos on their website.

There you can get all the builds for free by downloading them one by one and putting them into the correct folder, or by using their paid app.

This program just does the former for you automatically.

How to:
(0. Install Java7 if you haven't already.)
1. Download 'lolflavor.zip' from the attachment of this post and extract it.
2. launch lolflavor.jar (you may need to run it as administrator)
3. Paste the path to your League of Legends folder.
4. Click OK

€: Added Braum
€: Added Gnar
€: The current champion list is now fetched from the LoL API, so there are not further updates for new champions needed. Of course, that means Azir is now included, too.

Download link :