In my opinion a strong investment strategy is a mixed strategy, which will involve investing in shares of the fund as a national issuers and shares in foreign companies and foundations. This management strategy is to maximize the flexible and adaptive to the situation in the market , resulting in the possibility of revising the structure of the portfolio depending on the trends at both the national market and overseas . The Fund’s strategy should involve the distribution of both branches, is not widely available on the market of the country , as well as on geographical basis , ie, the fund may be invested in different countries. In the presence of a stable growth phase in a separate segment of the market , or their share will be increased . A distinctive feature of the mixed strategy is that the fund can be composed of bonds and deposits . The inclusion of fixed income instruments to reduce the effects of price fluctuations inherent in the stock market . This leads to a reduction of risk. The Fund must allow the use of the advantages of both bonds (bonds ) and equity market , which leads to a higher income . This income is higher than investments in fixed income instruments , but the risk is lower , which is inherent in the stock market . online work|online job|online income|home jobs|online jobs for students|typing jobs|home business|part time job|home based businesses investment.

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