openATV-5.1-dm800se-sim2-20150913-sam backup

whats new & installed:
Enigma2 13-09-2015
GST 1.5.1

openATV-5.1-dm800se-sim2-20150913-sam backup in DM 800HD SE


-Expand memorey
-PluginSkinMover 0.6
-Enhanced Movies Center (EMC)

--main lib/python files for iptv/streaming installed

--Livestreamer/dependencies installed

Cams installed
Mgcamd config & softcam.keys included in usr/keys ,SGR SWISS chs works ok! after u install mgcamd1.38d_r1 from softcam feed

-tested on internal flash & working 100% , space left around 1.9MB , plez b4 going to download any plugin or install any cams or etc , use Expand memorey or PluginSkinMover to extend ur internal flash memory plez only mount a media/usb to extend ur memory


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