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Hi, as the title, I would need some help to overclock the processor pious, I have a motherboard asrock n-68-G64 fx VIBOX Precision 6 - 4.0GHz AMD Quad Core, Ufficio, Famiglia, Gamer, Gaming PC, Multimedia, Desktop PC Computer con WarThunder Gioco Bundle - Oltre a una garanzia a vita incluso* (3.8GHz (4.0GHz Turbo) AMD FX 4300 Quad Core Processor, 2GB Nvidia GT 73 Here the link of the PC, to see what it is,

CD motherboard I installed the utility to make the official OVC directly from OS with this program, and I have experienced a little, starting from 4.0 GHz with turbo core active .. Basic I: 19.5X multiplier, 200 frequencies, and 1.3500 CPU voltage .. I tried to put 20X multiplier, and frequencies to 220, with 1.3750 Voltage, and I hold also playing a war game online multiplayer .. This arrival to almost 4.4 GHz and the Bus Speed ​​reach 220, but I'd come more at the top, but it is not so practical, do not know well the parameters it touches, my OVC was approximate, after a few hours of trial and changing some of the parameters, but I know I can do much better, when you do not take it as the voltage, and especially when you go and increase I hope you can help me ..

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