Hi All PS4 users,

If it already exists, I'm looking for an Australian racing club/league. This is due to UK or American race times are way too difficult to maintain.

If it doesn't exit, I want to start something where we can organise a race here and there (maybe a league or club if there's enough interest). I'm open to ideas on what car type, track, race length, everything.

If you've seen a good concept on another platform or used in UK clubs then mention that and we can get it up and running.

Put your names down underneath and I'll add them to this post as I can.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you on the track soon :)

PSN is Spidey_11

Original Writen by spidey11 in PS4 - Multiplayer Event Planning Category, the date of 01-07-2015 13:55.