Dear Guys and Girls, Devs and Mods.

I would like to ask who I could contact (and how), If I would like to get premission to use the Project CARS logo?

It is time that I get a few new T-shirts, and I could go to the Nike store, and buy a T-shirt where I advertise them.
But if advertising something, I would like to advertise a barnd, I really feel it is worth it.

So I would like to "embroider" (I think that is the correct word in english) the Project Cars logo onto 3 T-shirts I would wear.
Two black T-shirts with the colored logo, and a white t-shirt with a blac logo.

Since the logo is copyrighted, I would like to ask for a premission to do that.
Who do I have to turn to, to ask for this premission?!

Thank you for the help.

Original Writen by NemethR in General Discussion Category, the date of 01-07-2015 14:08.