Had a great race yesterday on SPA with the BMW M1 Procar. Was going over 10 Laps with 29 AI opponents, starting time 21:00 and time acceleration 30. So I was starting when getting dark started and ended around lunch. What really impressed me was the "frightening" during the dark hours since I had hard times getting breakpoints right - what a experience. Also the loss of grip during the colder night hours gave it another kick. Got comfortable again when when sun was rising - nonetheless enjoyed the drive.
AI (running at 70%) was behaving perfect, even when going trough Eau Rouge the first time in the pack. Overall they gave me a good fight with lot's of overtaking. Ended up 7th after 10 laps starting from 12th position.

So what did I learn:
- find your right level of AI that fits to your driving skills.
- you do not have to win, enjoy the race
- prepare: it's does not make so much sens to run a new Car / Track with lots of AI opponents.
--> you will be the problem if you get every corner wrong

Esp. the last point applies also to on-line.

BR Markus

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