Hey everybody, whats up?

I need your help with three cases.

First things first, I race with my original xbox one controller and I'm having a blast with Project cars, but I have three questions for you gear heads:

1- I was racing online with a friend who likes to broadcast the games on twich and all, he allowed the driving aids so at first, when I was getting intimate (uuuuhum) I was confortable with that. As my skills buid up I disabled both ABS and traction control. To be honest, traction control didn't made any diference to me, the lack os ABS is a pain in the ass but I can adapt to that, no biggie. My problem is the damn stability control, I keep loosing the freaking car tail in all the chicanes, just the chicanes, due to the fast change of direction, I supose. How to adapt for that, any advices? I wanna be able to run with it disabled so I can set my aids to real, because GT3 cars have traction control for exemple but no stability control.

2- I really love the GT3 cars and I race them most, that said, when I race with the RGT-8 GT3, default setup, I can make all turns, no problem, but I feel the car really twitchy (is that the correct therm?) in the long straights, it become very sensitive when fast.

3- I like all cars of the game, but the Bentley Continental GT3 is my favorite. I have an issue with it, On the corner exit, IF I touch the inside apex with the rear wheels I loose the tail.

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