I am spoiled rotten and live in the micro brew capital of the world, Portland, OR. I can almost throw a stone in any direction and hit one. :cool:

Some of my favorite Oregon Brewers are Basecamp, Breakside, Deschutes, Rogue, Laurelwood, Ninkasi and Boneyard breweries. Not to seem like an Oregon snob, let me say I do really like several Califonia breweries like: Firestone Walker, Lagunitas, Stone, and Ballast Point. But, hands down the absolute best beer I've ever had (and was lucky to get to get one) is called Zombie Dust from 3 Floyd's Brewing from Munster, Indiana. Look for any of these Brewers at your bottle shop and you will not be disappointed!!!

Sorry, sorry. Anyway, the 28th Annual Oregon Brewer festival is July 22nd - July 26th this year. 90 craft beers from around the country and 15 more in the international tent. I've been to several of these and they do not disappoint, no matter the weather. If you are anywhere near the area ,I highly recommend you visit this event. I met a couple last year from Maryland who came out just for it!

Rambled way too long. May your beers be hoppy, aromatic and delicious. Cheers fellas:very_drunk::very_drunk:

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