Hey guys I need help with one corner in particular at Le Mans with the R18. Indianapolis has been giving me fits, essentially I'm experiencing corner exit oversteer/ general uneasiness of the car. I'm fairly confident it has to do with the rough nature of the surface immediately post corner.
I use a controller, so input is not as precise as expected. As for corner entrance, I apply slight straight line braking and put the car in fifth. The car is far from it's potential in this section, as I go slower than needed around indianapolis and won't even apply the gas till I'm positive it's done being nervous.
I've played around with with stiff front/soft rear springs and similar dampers, stiffer front and softer rear roll bar, and numerous toying with the decel diff settings with no consistency. Aero is set at 7/7 (slightly toward cornering emphasis), haven't played with the toe much. Anything you guys see that I'm overlooking would be greatly appreciated.

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