I've seen some threads about this earlier but didn't notice anything recently. This is a bug where I've lapped some of the AI drivers and then when I finish my last lap then the AI drivers that cross the line after me (lapped) is given the position rather than the AI drivers that are actually in 2nd, 3rd, etc. It seems to correct itself if I keep the background running instead of pressing continue as soon as the session ends. I can understand some shuffling of the order but after noticing it for the first part I've been trying to make sure there cannot be any mistakes.

The last race I ran was in superkarts and I lapped all but the 2nd place kart and kept behind him in the final few corners. The result, he finished 5th

Not sure how that happened, maybe 4 other drivers crossed the line before the session ended but it really makes the points battle against the AI a bit of a joke. I've seen this in most career races although keeping track of all the AI names and positions on the last lap is not something that I do all the time. Mostly I've noticed the name of the AI driver behind me and then in the results see that name much further down in the results. Doesn't really impact my experience but something that detracts from the overall realism of the game.

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