Iīve played today on the Nordschleife, and some things I find very irritating:
- If my"current"car is Mclaren orange model, why the f..k game give me another Mclaren, even tho i choose my Mclaren on which I have my setup and everything??

- On the penalties i dont wanna waste some words, itīs just outrageous that we didīt have some improvements in this area! I wish they will somehow add auto ban for wreckles driving etc..they are more idiots on the track then normal ones!

- The sun on the Norschleife for example (and on some other tracks) is just to strong!! On the TT on the last sector be4 the big straight, itīs undriveable the right hander with in the middle of the corner thereīs a damn bump, so, whatīs with the sun? Did i pay 70e for playing on luck or playing with my skill??

- In the Carrusel, if you touch the wall youīll be glued to the damn wall.why?? Donīt get the point of this"feature" in this game.even tho i didnīt pay for extras but this one is amazing, not only on this trackgreat realism!

- Glued on other car..this is definitely one of the stupidest thing in the game! Again, i didnīt pay for this extra feature dear developers and it hase nothing to do with "realism"or "simulation"!

- On Nordschleife the cerbs are to damn high! My setup on this track is to higher the car on maximum and soften the suspension, but still, when i wanna "regulary"use the cerb my car just spins.so, can yaīll please look on this one bīcoz thereīs no point to race where the cerbs are like 70cm high (tall), call it what ever you want!

- The light on the cars, during night driving isis..idk.i mean, how can be that my light are like 5m in front of me giving me some"visibility", driving throught Nordschliefe itīs almost impossible, and this is in a real car so, not even 5m visibility?? Ohhhhhh i get it, itīs an free extra in the game-right??

- Track/game/race stutters, lags which happend like in a corner, during overtaking.how is possible to drive competitive when the game stutters??

Right away i do apologize for my writing errors, Iīm just upset spending 70e on the game that runs like Battlefield 4 on release day!! Why?? Did yīall test the game be4 releasing it? Why do we need to wait like few months to get the right patch for the game? When we beg for optimizing the multiplayer, and adressing a ton of problems and at the end yīall release different things! Why?? Why did you my dear devs canceled original release date for the game? For"polishing"it? This is not"polished"game, the game is full of bugs!

I wish i can take my 70 bucks back but i cant, iīm hoping that the game will improve within the next patch bīcoz we all need it for normally playing online..

Yīall can write your opinion but you canīt t deny facts!

So dear devs, please, do your job, thnx!

Original Writen by Iwanchek in Feature Suggestions Category, the date of 30-06-2015 20:06.