Hi I wanted to check my game to doubly confirm but Patch 2.0 is now being downloaded so I'll try to remember. I just started a Kart 100 career and am in the Kart 100 world championship. The first race, Saturday March 7, is at the Dubai Kartdrome. At the EXACT SAME TIME the feature race is to take place, there will be a Formula B race at the Dubai Autodrome. I believe both start at 16:00.

Would it be too much to ask to have the karting race begin a hour earlier as a "support race" for the Formula B race? I can't imagine two world championship races taking place on the same track (even though the Kartdrome is across the street, according to Wikipedia). I'm not sure if that schedule was intentional or created by accident. Have other players discovered similar conflicts? It would, for me, enhance the career immersion. ;)

Original Writen by BF Bullpup in Feature Suggestions Category, the date of 30-06-2015 18:17.