New here.
My neighbours told me about this racinggame that was out and that it was really good.(he does let me use his networkconnection but not his console or games)
(yes he also said that there were some bugs in the game but that the team who developed this game was working on this)

So i got my copy. And must say i was really surprised how different this racinggame is compared to what i played before.
Im mean different in a possitive way.
The way the cars feel, its not like other racinggames that almost every cars drives the same way.
OMG and the weather and night thats going to be a challenge.

So i just wanted to post a little thank you for bringing this game out and reviving my desire to race once more on a console.

Original Writen by FlyLastShadow in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 30-06-2015 17:00.