this is not my laptop however i got permission to download my hacking tools from the owner.Treat it as my own basically since she never really uses it.This is relevant cause the specs on this computer are wayy too low for C++ Visual Studio and my computer is in wait for a cleaning kit so its rendered unusable atm.I am learning C ++ regardless cause i want to make a IDM for S4 League since the original creator doesn't want to update it and i refuse to keep waiting on em to get off his lazy ass and get in gear.I also want to make a autoplay hack for super dancer online but cant seem to get any help on how to locate arrow values i guessI can't run C++ on this laptop cause the specs are too low as i said before now i've thought about Using Cheat engine but i can't find a decent tutorial on the game i'm currently working with,Super dancer online.It's a Rythem mmo so hacking it will be completely different i know but far more difficult.I want to try Eclipse but cant find the System requirements,I want to try C# but it just looks like another version of Visual studio and VS has one spec this computer will never meet so thats out.There are no tutorials on youtube for making a trainer of any kind for a dance mmo but that will be for me to figure outso.Anyone have any ideas?

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