Hey everyone, this is my first post in the project cars forum but I have been monitoring and playing project cars avidly for a long time now. Looking to start a racing league to race on Sundays and possibly another day during the week. Looking for 15 players in total we are currently at 3. We won't start until we have a minimum of 10 users who are committed to the league. When we reach 6 people I will release the schedule via pm or ps4 messaging. If you're interested post here and add me on ps4! aHappyLion- is my psn id. Also if you're looking for clean racing during the week we can party up and look for lobbies or practice for the upcoming event. You must race clean, dirty racing (cutting corners, ramming cars in front of you, not letting a lead car pass if you're lapped) will not be tolerated. Any issues that arise during the race will be reviewed by me and the assistant of the league and points will adjust accordingly and if it is a constant issue we will not hesitate to kick you.

So post here if you guys are interested. Race will more then likely be held on sunday either 10 am or 6pm depending on the majority of group availability!

All settings will be on realistic with damage on full. Races will be about 1 hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long. Practice sessions before races will be a half hour for tuning and qualifying 15 minutes depending on the length of track.
This league is for racers of all levels as long as your clean and stick to your lines there will not be any problems.

Remember you can't win the race in the first corner but you can sure as hell lose it!:)

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