Right, straight to the point.

1 : Is there any way to turn off the "Lap invalidated" text that pops up right in the middle of the screen, if you go off and "Cut" a corner? This makes going off, which is already frustrating, super annoying and makes me want to punch my TV o.o

If not, please add the option to turn it off, and smack the person who thought it was a good idea.

2 : Is there going to be any tweaks to the way cars react when contact is made? Specifically when you bump into the rear of another car. As is, slight contact makes both vehicles go straight on. This is unrealistic. The front car should be pushed out a bit, but the rear car should be mostly uneffected. This in nascar is called the bump and run. And with oval DLC coming, really needs to be fixed.

3 : (Not a bug) Why is the timing different between the 3 red lights, and the green lights? I've been curious since I first started playing. (Also, lol at me for the amount of times I've jump started because I start revving my engine at the intro camera's forgetting about the manual starts)

4 : (Not really a question) The dirt on Laguna Seca is over done. Has way too much effect on the car, and is rather annoying. Get one wheel in the dirt and it takes a 120 degrees of rotation to get back out of it. All while losing tons of speed. Which inevitably leads to the AI running you over, because they have 0 avoidance skills.

Really the grass is over done on almost all tracks, but LS seems to be by far the most excessive.

Before anyone tells me it's realistic, or that I shouldn't be in the dirt anyway, here's a vid showing cars repeatedly going off and not being slowed to a crawl or pulled off the track by the dirt.

Anyway, thanks for any answers and as it's 2 am, it's time for sleep lol. Goodnight!

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