Ive been in a lot of different threads talking about this issue but there has not been much in terms of acknowledgement on the issue. At least not that I have been able to find in my searching. From what my research has turned up, Project Cars ads replay files to your cloud storage total, which maxes at 500mb. If you're unaware that this is how Project Cars works, and why would you be, you can quickly max your cloud storage. When that happens Project Cars throws and error when loading your profile. The only way to clear the error is to erase the replay data from your Driver Profile. However, in order to do that you have to hit NO on the error dialogue box which erases your save completely. There is no way around it. There have been many who have offered suggestions but the consensus is that if you get the error you have no choice but to start over from the very beginning.

This is a great game and I've had little to no issues until I lost all of my progress, which was a lot of happy work and a big blow. I've been super happy with the continued development and patching but would really like some insight from the team on weather this issue is going to be addressed. Will we be able to save our replay data locally? If not is it just suggested to never save replays? I'm not expecting this immediately. Obviously the 2.0 patch is pretty damn impressive. As long as I know its going to be addressed at some point in the future Ill be good, and I think a lot of other sad racers will be as well.

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