i tried to race online today, was complete disaster! firstly i was 1,5 hours trying to race online, didnt work normally.

-firstly i cant join a quick random lobby, i end up waiting more then 20 minutes and still nothing. even if i make my own lobby, nothing waited more the 20 minutes twice without anything! only way to even get in a lobby seems to be searching for a lobby, but its not acceptable if i cant make my won lobby and race with it!

-then if i get in an lobby, that already is in an session i couldnt drive until the next session started! only the last lobby i tried i managed to join a session and drive. as far as i know it should be possible to get in and drive in an session that is under way, but dont know if thats true.

- i managed to start 1 race, but was locked in bumper cam couldnt do anything about it! and then the next problem occured.

- the game crashed on me, during the first lap, the game completly shut down. later i got in an Formula A lobby and it happened again!

after spending almost 2 hours trying to race normally online and constantly having isues, i had enough of it and i stopped. i began to get pissed, i wanted to do some online races, but didnt manage to do so.

i hope that this info is helpful for the devs to try to get this better. my nat type was open btw.

Original Writen by Rudolph523 in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 29-06-2015 22:02.