Hi all

Im in the progress of coding a website, which will hold a small community of players, it's not actully a league structure, but a kind of community ;)

It's possible for each driver to arrange races, participate in such, and then automaticly update the results, as they appear.
For this, each driver will have a starting ranking points, and will be awarded ranking points as to how the qual/race ended.

The computation takes a large amount of variables, such as how many drivers in race, weather type, time of day, damage type, length of race, total number of turns in race, failures, use of aids, and som others.

Im thinking of adding a difficulty rating for each track, as some tracks can be difficult eventhough there is not to many turns at all.
As of now, there is just too many circiuts i've not even driven my self I've googled but not been able to find any source of any kind, that I could use.

It would really be a valuable help for me if you could take 2 minutes, to fill out your personal view of a diffucult rating of some of the pCARS tracks you have driven.

Im thinking the rating would be like this

1.050 very difficult
1.035 difficult
1.020 challenging
1.010 a few turns challenging
1.000 not too challenging
0.985 easy

I could start out with a couple of tracks i've been racing a lot at:

Autodromo Nazionale Monza GP Short = 1.000
Brands Hatch GP = 1.020
Brno = 1.010
Hockemheim GP = 1.010
Zolder = 1.010

Thanks in advance ;)

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