Ok -

I been putting a lot of time into this - grabbing two tenths or so a day, clawing my way up! now while I can easily admit ill never be the fastest and topping the boards I am finding it hard to find clean ghosts!! my current is around 130 on the leaderboard and 130.3 laptime - that lovely split time info on top right while lapping says I have a potential of 128.6 (I am glad it has faith in me cause I would need to get religious to get that!) so I looked for 4 or 5 ghosts around that time and they all were cutting corners - I dont care let them off, I dont want to be starting one of 'those' threads

So - If you post a time (Clean - lets call it 2 wheels out okay - 3 wheels out not okay!) please post your username so others can see what laptimes are representative and it becomes a bit more fun for us straight laced - sunday drivin - pencil pushing - non corner cutters!

Cheers and thanks!

Original Writen by b_akerlite in Hotlap Events & Contests Category, the date of 29-06-2015 19:25.