So, I like others (from what I've seen around here) suffer from network stability issues when playing Pcars over Xbox Live and I'm curious as the the source of these issues, whether it's to do with the game or Xbox Live itself.

Now, being in Australia we don't have the best internet available and we most likely won't have anything halfway decent within the next decade at least. So I'm used to latency issues in games before, it's nothing new to Australians. I've always noticed in any game that when I am playing with other Australians only things seem to be much better, more so on PC than on Xbox which leads me to believe that the multiplayer stability issues stem from Xbox Live itself and not the game. My connection isn't amazing, for Australia it's bang on average but it's always been stable enough for online gaming, especially on Australian Servers and in rooms with only Australians. I have been able to play on US and Euro servers in the past fine. But things are at the point now where it's impossible to have more than 10 (only Australians) in a race on xbox live, and 1 or 2 are guaranteed to disconnect during the race.

I'm interested in hearing from SMS staff about this, because other games on xbox may be a bit more stable but have still been a horrible experience, and this includes both third party and first party games. but I'm at the point now where I want to ditch my xbox and upgrade my PC and focus on PC gaming because I experience no where near the multitude of issues on PC then I do on Xbox (PC network issues are basically non existent.

This isn't a place to whinge and whine about issues with the game, so don't or I'll spam you with links to spec savers, its me requesting an answer from the Devs about the stability of Xbox live, which I understand may be difficult for them to give a full answer given NDA's and the desire to maintain a working relationship with the console companies.

And to answer some basic questions first up. My console is wired, NAT is open and I'm the only one using the internet whilst I'm on Xbox live

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