I love this game, it looks awesome! But i'm missing something. The temperature is raising here in my country and when i drive in my real car i can see the road reflection / mirroring in the sky, just above the road surface. Hard to explain, sometimes it looks like the road is wet. I hope you guys know what i'm talking about.

I have never seen that sepcific effect in project cars. am i missing something? is it because the time of day? i mostly drive on the nordschleife, watkins glen, brands hatch, imola and monza. Graphic settings most on high/ultra, but maube i missed a setting. Or is it just not in this game?

Would be awesome to have this reflections in game to. sure it might look like artifacting ore something like that, but i can see it IRL, so why not in this game :)


Original Writen by Boomshalockboom in General Discussion Category, the date of 29-06-2015 12:12.