Hi, i'm in the market for a new monitor/TV that i will primarily use for racing. Not only project cars, but other racing games too (realy)

I'm using a playseat with a G27 setup and i like to get my screen as close as possible. i'm now using a 32" led tv which is OK, but old and bulky. so i thought 40" will do fine, since the bezels will be significantly smaller. I'm not really looking for a triple screen setup, just one screen will do for now. That said: what will be a good monitor or TV? I'm looking @ the samsung ue40h7000; a 40" led TV. I have no idea if that set will be good for playing racegames. I'll hate it when there is to much blur or ghosting, but i have no idea what to look for. A monitor will also be nice but i'll doubt if i will find a nice big screen for about the same price

Any tips or advice?

Original Writen by Boomshalockboom in General Discussion Category, the date of 29-06-2015 12:21.