Hi everyone.
Yesterday I put together a small webapp, optimised for mobile phones (but does work on desktop / tablet), with the settings from Wooball's XLS files.
I've asked for this permission to use his data, hence publishing this here now.

Basically, on a simple view you can choose a car and see the 5 different types of parameters for him. As new file versions come out, you will also be able to choose which version you're looking at.

If you register (just username and pin, no emails as I don't want that responsibility), you can also mark a setup as being already in game.
This was the main reason I did this for myself, to track which ones I've inputed already, as well to make it easier to see all the settings.

Anyway, hope is useful for some of you, any comments, issues or suggestions just shout them in my direction.

All rights of the actual settings go to @Wootball.

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