I couldn't see a mention of this particular bug so thought i'd bring it to the WMD guys attention.

Before I start, I want to mention that I've barely had any problems, playability-wise, with this game until now. But over the past few days i've been experiencing problems that cause the game to be pretty much unplayable for me, which is a shame. The frame rate issue has reared its ugly head for me, most notably while I was trying a hot lap challenge with a group i'm part of.

Due to the frame rate issue, quite often, i was unable to properly judge where I was on the track, causing me to overshoot it several times. There were, at least, 3 distinct points on the track where this happened and when I rejoined I never got an Invalidated Lap Time warning, which shouldn't have happened.

But then the real kicker was this: I did a clean turn at a sharp bend on this track and it then decided to give me a cut-track warning! See video.


Like I say, i'm not entirely sure if this has been raised already, or not, i did have a quick search but couldn't see anything, but apologies if it has. I just wanted to make the guys aware so, hopefully, if they haven't already, they can add this to the list of issues to look at. Fingers crossed that the next patch will remedy it.

Thanks for reading.

Original Writen by chakkerz101 in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 29-06-2015 09:21.