Let me explain this one, I had a xbox type logitech controler that is working really fine, but to get a better racing feeling I bought a wheel, momo racing force feed back. I bought this cheep to see if I was to like it, and I did. But. Since I'm playing with the wheel, I encounter several bugs but here is not that point. When the game works fine (25% of the time) I figured out that with My controler I was able to drift, recover from an over steer and brake steer the car. I'm not the fastest one but I can keep up with the rest of the other players and have a good time.
Now with the steering; I cannot let the car have any wheel spin at all, it'll end up in infinite spin outs. When over steer or little wheel spin in acceleration occur, I counter steer in result that it just throw the car in infernal spin outs in the other way.( and I don't keep the gas in the floor and try to tap brakes a little) So I have to drive really too carefully wich result that I'm rolling in general 4-5 seconds slower than I would with my controler.
Any Ideas of setups that could correct that situation. I tried the wheel in other games and it works really fine
I figured out that some of my friends have the same problem with their G27.
Realy need some advice I'm tired of seeing people taking curves with their tires smoking and still being able to put decent laps

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