Not sure if these things have been mentioned or not. If they have please forgive me for repeating.
And this is for the xbox-one. Don't pay attention to why it says pc in my profile to the left.

*During any weather, (fog, rain, heavy overcast) or certain times of day, (In particular dusk and dawn) the headlights and tail lights aren't on at all on the AI cars. Especially in the fog where it's difficult to see.
*When it does start to rain, there's a delay of about 20 seconds or so until it shows up on your windshield in cockpit mode when it should be instantaneous build up along with the weather. (From sprinkles to light rain to heavy rain and also in reverse when the rain dies down)
*Also when it starts to rain, there's a very long delay from when the track is wet and the time you see tire spray from the cars witch should start as soon as the track gets wet and continue even when the rain stops because of a wet track.
*I've also noticed that from inside the cockpit the speed of the car does not affect the raindrops on the windshield, side windows or the car itself. (Hood, fenders, etc) Anything after 20 mph the wind and speed should cause some streaking and streaming of the rain in some type of pattern that gives off and adds to the sense of speed.
*Every car should not have exhaust "flames" shooting out the pipes. Seems like only the high horsepowered cars and race cars should have that. And perhaps a flame pop or flare should also be in the mix.
*During replay mode, certain cars in cockpit view does not show the driver shifting at all.

Hope these will be resolved in future patches. Thank you guys for reading and listening to us. We really appreciate it. The game is awesome and I for one am really enjoying playing it.

Original Writen by Remedy in Project CARS on Xbox One Category, the date of 28-06-2015 21:41.