Who do you think made the best song? Thanks to a bunch of no-shows and fake ass niggas who are all talk but in reality too scared, we only have 6 entries

Select who you think deserves the Pharaoh Tag:

1. Rhapsody (Dave84311, Kevin, Gab)


2. Hold On We're Going Home (arunforce, Boombox, ReMastered)

3. Barbie Girl (Minato, Root Access, Artzyhswag)

4. Walk the Moon (Kevin, Gab, Dave, NormenJaydenFBI)


5. Firework (arunforce, Boombox, ReMastered)

6. Never Gonna Give You Up (Gab, Dave84311)


Since it was a trio competition, if a 4 person team or 2 person team wins, up to 3 people can only get the Pharaoh tag

Original Writen by arunforce in General Category, the date of 28-06-2015 17:47.