Hi there!

I'm doing a little tool for myself and the community where you can keep track of your leaderboard entries, as the official leaderboard lacks some features, all above the ability to get a complete list of your own entries. (I know btw that there is this page, but I want to do a dekstop tool nonetheless for a few reasons)

So my first approach was to "just" scan all leaderboards from the official WMD leaderboards page. However, this takes very long when you don't know what track/car combos to look at. So now I saw that there is this /records directory within the pCARS directory, which seems to have a .dat file for all time trials?

Few questions about this:
1) Am I right that this is about leaderboard entries?
2) Is this the ghost data? Or asked in another way: Is there also a .dat file in case a ghost could not get uploaded to the leaderboard? (There are some entries where ghost data is missing)
3) If 1) + 2) holds true, then could you devs please send me a list of the file name patterns you use for these dat files? Because the names for tracks and cars are different from the names in the leaderboard HTML.

If I could know from these .dat files what leaderbaords I have to scan to download the data into the tool, the process would be infinately faster then to crawl through ALL leaderbaords because that takes about 2 or 3 hours :D


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