Ok firstly let me say I don't own this game but am making this for my cousin (he is dyslexic so he wouldn't be able to read the responses or even write this properly so I am doing it for him)

The problem, when he first loaded up the game he had a problem in which the game simply wouldn't load, i got him to reinstall the game and now it loads up, the issue is that when he firstly loads up the game it only show the upper left hand quarter of the screen. But if he alt tabs it fixes itself, from here he than began by starting the first race the go carting one but when it loaded everything but the map and the starting lights was black, he could still drive (the character on the map was moving as was there sound of crashes and engines etc. on top of this when he goes into his garage the image of the go cart is completely black.

here are his system specs if you need them.

i7 4770k
GTX 980
16 GB of DDR3
and he is using a samsung 28inch 4k moniter.

Any help would be great thanks

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