Already looked in the list of issues list on top and first 3 pages of posted threads.

Digital version, patched to 1.4
Hard reset yes

Car: Lotus 49 + '67 tires
Mode: Time Trial at Le Mans 24hr
All driving aids off

First hot lap time was set on Friday, 06/26th, at On Saturday, 06/27th, every attempt to start TT using my best ghost results in kick back to the dashboard. Tried about 5 times with same result. If I do NOT select my best ghost then the TT starts normally.

Upon setting a faster hot lap I was able to view the replay but upon trying to EXIT the TT, thereby saving the faster ghost, the game gets hung up at the EXIT confirm screen. I was successful in besting my ghost TWICE but each time the game hangs up upon trying to exit TT.

I have driven the same car/track combination in practice mode and no issues there.

I have experienced the TT EXIT hang up before on other tracks (not sure about same car) but did not give it much thought at the time so cannot recall the details of the previous hang ups.

So it seems to be the loading of the ghost of and saving the new ghost that seems to be the issue but I have no idea what do do about it.

Ideas? Help?

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