I haven't been able to reproduce it with any consistency, but occasionally I'll join a MP race in progress, and it will be stuck in bumper camera (instead of my usual visor camera sans visor overlay so I can use TrackIR). Attempts to cycle the view setting with my view cycle key are ignored.

This happened at least 5 different races yesterday and in all cases I left the session to attempt to rejoin and the same thing occurs when rejoining that particular racing session. When questioned in chat on the server, other users said they can change their camera view just fine.

Joining some other race from the MP list ends up allowing me to join a race where I can set the camera back to where I want it however.

I'm missing out on some popular races (i.e. 20+ users) because there's no way I'm playing in bumper cam.

Original Writen by Essobie in PC - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 28-06-2015 13:59.