This has been mentioned by me and others on the forum but there has never been a specific answer or 'official' answer given. Since day one I've struggled with my T500. The last patch left me having to redo a number of FFB settings just to get the game playable again which I'm now happy with. There are however a number of issues which remain which I have to say are kind of spoiling the game for me at the moment and to my amazement yet again don't seem to be in the patch notes for 2.0. So I'm left thinking, am I the only one suffering these issues, is it just my wheel or have these issues been forgotten about. For me the very real issues are:-

1. Wheel goes crazy after a race (full lock one side or the other)
2. Wheel goes crazy on the lights or rolling start just before green light
3. Wheel looses all FFB at start of race or partially looses FFB but its still unusable
4. Wheel looses FFB just to one side
5. Wheel at green lights pulls to one side
6. Wheel has no FFB at start of race but then suddenly all FFB returns on green. So you think the wheel is broken and suddenly its ok
7. Suddenly loose brake pedal after resetting wheel by removing and plugging in usb

I have tried using different techniques in the order of turning on the ps4 and when the wheel is attached etc but tbh it makes no difference. I use the same order every time and some nights I have no issues at all, some nights one of the above will happen just once or twice other nights it happens every single race. I mainly race online which is where this is happening. I don't really use single player so cannot comment on that. I've also tried resetting my wheel prior to every race but this doesn't seem to make things better. Some time unplugging the wheel from the usb and re attaching brings FFB back other times it doesn't. I the developers understand and can see this is affecting the enjoyment of what is a fav game with hugh potential that has already provided me which hours of enjoyment. I guess what I'm looking for with this thread is an answer to the question, Will these issues be addressed in patch 2.0 or the following patch?

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