I've read and followed the recommendations of some other graphics performance boost threads here. It didn't stand out to me that disabling Post Processing Filters under the Visual FX section would improve responsiveness. I even wrongly assumed that disabling it would disable the rest of the options in that menu (all being sort of after-effects, in the theme of ENB). I tried this tonight, after getting some unpleasing "halo" effects while driving the FQ400 in a California coast race, and found that while my FPS did not change noticeably, the driving feedback response seemed to improve. YMMV, but thought I'd mention it.

EDIT: Other posts say just setting this ON/OFF has no effect, as hotkeys are involved. Am I just experiencing a placebo effect?

Original Writen by Insatiant in General Discussion Category, the date of 28-06-2015 04:04.