I'm trying to find the best settings to give the most sense of speed in all views, and while I have somewhat achieved that (keeping FOV at 95 or higher), I feel the outside "first person" cams don't move enough to give a believable sense of movement and inertia.

For example, the bumper cam, which has been a favorite of mine since the original NFS, barely moves to give a sense of what the tires and suspension are doing. Going fast around tight bends, it doesn't lean as much as it should, picking up speed or slowing down, there's practically no dip or rise in the cam.

Another example: in every first person view, you see the car moving and working on its suspension but it's as if the driver's eyes are detached from that movement. In a road car, you should be seeing a lot of cam movement in the bumper view while taking corners or accelerating/braking aggressively.

The horizon barely shifts, it's as if your car is a tram on rails. That's the only way I can explain it.

So how do I get the outside first person views to give a better sense of movement? I've tried experimenting with all settings, first using the default values and then moving to opposite extremes.

So, I'd like help with:

A. Maximize sense of speed
B. See the horizon moving to relay to the player what the suspension is doing in the hood, bumper and roof view.

Just to give you one more example: when you're using the hood or roof view, upon cornering/braking/acceleration, you ONLY see the car moving as if the camera's not attached to it and just hovering an inch over it. Hope that makes sense.

If this is how the cam movement works in the game, can we have an update where it feels the camera is actually attached to the car and moving with it to relay g forces and inertia?

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your thoughts. :)

Original Writen by speedmeister in XB1 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 27-06-2015 17:35.