Hello everyone,

i have a little problem. after not playing for a longer time i tried to start the game again. steam downloaded several updates and game starts just normal. But when i try to start a race (doesn“t matter if career, training or multiplayer) it just stucks at the loading screen. game isn“t crashed, music is running, loading circle is running and the messages on the bottom change normally. but it stucks there forever. longest i tried was 14 hours when loading nürburgring
i have no idea why worked fine all the time before. already installed freshly, no changes.

My System:

i5 750
AMD 6850 1GB
3GB Ram (very low, yes, but worked fine when everything else was closed)

Hope you have some ideas.


Original Writen by jonas9009 in PC - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 27-06-2015 15:38.