I'll just say this after getting used to the clean racing in iRacing and playing online in pCars i have come to the conclusions that will NEVER again play online as long as there is no way to ban/kick players from the lobby or a ranking system is implemented. I am sick and tired of people who either grief or get their egos hurt when you pass them and they deliberately crash in into you at the next turn ruining your whole race.

Online racing in pCars is absolutely shit, sorry for my language but it's true, there is always one or more people who crash into you on purpose and i have just given up. It is really sad because this game is really good when it comes to the simulation but racing against AI or my brother who also races clean is quite frankly boring in the long run and i want a full lobby with decently clean racers. I know accidents happen and i am completely okay with that but when you have your race ruined by someone out to grief you i immediately lose all interest in ever playing online again, what was the last straw for me was when in my last race i was winning by a minute in the last corner and the guy behind me who was a decent driver and closed up from 5 minutes behind me after 4 laps decided to ram into me at 250 kph just because he knew he couldn't win.

I won't play online until you implement some sort of system that weeds out the idiots on track who enjoy wrecking other people.

Something like iRacing's system with Safety Rating and iRating i believe would fix most of the problems with this. This is how it works.

Safety Rating

Safety Rating is a measure of each driver's ability to drive and compete safely while on track alone or with other competitors. Each class of license has a Safety Rating of 1.00 to 5.00. As you complete sessions, your safety rating will rise or fall based on the number of incidents accrued in a given session. Completing an incident free session will cause a rise in your Safety Rating. A driver's safety rating is the sole determining factor in promotion to the next license class. Maintaining a Safety Rating of 3.00 or higher will ensure promotion to the next license class.


The iRating is a system of measuring the skill level of a driver, similar to a handicap in golf or a chess rating in that sport. Your iRating, which changes each time you race, will help you track your development as a driver and it allows us to arrange for you to race against drivers of similar skill level. The iRacing Sporting Code has more detailed information on how the iRating is calculated, but in general, if you have a good race and finish higher than your iRating would suggest, your iRating will increase. Conversely, if you have a bad race and finish lower than your iRating would suggest, it will decrease.

I beg you to implement something like this as it badly needs it.

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