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Hi Ian Bell! I love "Project Cars," You did great work in terms of physics, but the game Designed by sometimes leaves much to be desired (sorry that a little rough)

I have a few comments about this.

1. Drops on the screen is incorrect. The camera can not focus on them. Drops should not be in focus (blurred)

2. Terrible sparks. In the game very well referred to as the bottom of the machine beats. but it looks bad

3. Not realistic grass. Look at the grass in other racing games, it looks a little better.

4. It seems to me that the above locations are different people working. There are trails that look great (Spa, Bathurst, Oulton Park, Watkins Glen )! But there is a track on which you do not want to go, 'cause they look bad, not are neatly(Nordschleife, Road America, Le Mans, Catalunya)

5. There are also problems with the shadows after injury. If you fell off the bumper, in the shadows, he will still be.

6. A lot of rubber on the road. Some roads are covered with a layer of rubber is too large. I've never seen so much rubber on the Nordschleife

Also it seems to me that it is not necessary to add road car, leave it for FM, AC, GT. I think that this game is about a real motorsport and road cars is superfluous.

Thanks! :)
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