just had the worst time in the game since i started playin it :( Fired up Azure circuit for the first time, went to do a TT session. I had immense trouble handling the car, constantly slipped. But that's not the problem ;) The problems began when I first noticed my lap time doesn't seem to invalidate on that track even if I hit the track bounds quite hard. Literally crashed through some corners and my time was still valid, and in some occasions I wondered if I maybe even got faster through the corner by this crash than I could have driving properly.. But before I could analyze it, something else happened, which instantly killed this track for and reminded me of gran turismo, which I stopped playing just after an hour because of this: There's no need to brake.. Just let the rails and walls pull you through the corners at ridiculous speed. This is as arcade as it can get. could have beaten the WR by several seconds in just 2 or 3 tries. Of course i didnt.

I think there must be done something about it. As this behaviour of rounded corners pulling you through seems to be a common problem in racing titles I guess it is a complicated thing to get right. But if it's not possible to avoid this glitch in the simulation, at least such "railing" should lead to lap time invalidation and a slow down penalty in a race. The azure cuircuit is such a nice track, it's a shame that the game allows you to rape it like this :P

Thanks for reading!

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