I only ever play driving games in cockpit view if the game hasnt got a cockpit view I don't buy it it's that simple.

But a friend of mine preaches to me about how great he is at racing games a is an all assists off kind of guy, so while he was around I let him have a go at Pcars as he hasn't it, but to my shock he went straight to 3rd view and tells me he alway uses that view, which is cool each to their own and all that but how can you claim to be a all assists off sim racers kind of guy and then drive by steering your little car around the track? I just don't get that's more like playing radio controlled cars.

When you drive a car IRL you sit inside not on the roof or on the bonnet or 6 foot behind it.

I often wondered why in forza he missed most of the smack ups, I know why now it was because he had far greater visibility that the rest of us being able to see all the way around not only our cars but his as well.

I must admit when racing online I don't care what assists people use including the line but the view is the one thing that does bug me.

What do you guys think?

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