Sorry if this is an odd topic to put in personal life discussion, but I felt it was inappropriate to put it into GNAD.

Basically, I started a blog that I named Ikuze! Japan, which I feel is a nice name. It sounds kind of fun and manages to get across what my blog is about. Basically, I think that for a blog, the name is fine.

However, if I ever went into vlogging, which I would like to do, I fear that using the same name makes it sound too much like a company. I'd want it to be personal, because it would be about my opinions and all that. For some weird reason (It might just be me) having the same name for a video channel would sound 'too professional', as I'd always want the personality to come ahead of any branding or whatever.

Does anyone have any advice? I was considering using my real name, but it makes me feel slightly weird. Still, I'd do it if necessary. Or, do you think the problem lies in the logos? Perhaps if the face of the channel was quite literally my face, there wouldn't be any problems, because it's more personal than a logo.

​I'm worrying too much, aren't I?

Original Writen by Kakuri in Personal Life Discussion category, the date of 26-06-2015 20:59.