had a moment on another thread mentioning Launch control now i know some cars still use launch control however, because of the massive difference in speeds between drivers on the start line in multiplayer races, i figure a booster would be nice to have so everyone has a more or less decent start to avoid the instant chaos of others wheel spinning and bogging down ahead. for the fictional formula championships on this game, it wouldnt be too much of an issue have an assistance away from the line either.

the reasons are to avoid massive crashes at the start with very close grids and to reduce the overall stress of in car parts becoming too stressed like over reving the engine, meaning your start is instantly a mess when the gear is selected and drive train is applied and massive wheelspin follows as the tyres try to find the bite point on the track and instead end up with the car fishtailing for the rear wheel drive cars. for front wheel drive cars though, they are typically slower then the rear wheel drive cars when getting off the line as a rule anyway, so it would equalize that factor as well.

Original Writen by xautos in Feature Suggestions Category, the date of 26-06-2015 20:39.