Ok so when I first got my T3PA-Pro with conical brake mod I calibrated the brake pedal by pushing it hard so it reached 100%.
I saved and did practice a bit. Using telemetry I checked I could reach 100% braking (red gauge full).

Problem is: each time I launch the game again this calibration is lot, I mean even if I push hard the brake pedal I almost don't brake at all. By checking the telemetry I find that the gauge fills up to around 30% and don't go further. So I have to recalibrate the pedal each time I launch the game which is pretty annoying.

Also the calibration process don't always work. I start the calibration, the clutch and accelerator pedals reach 100% fine but the brake pedal gauge sometimes don't even move or write "NEGATIVE". I have to save/cancel a couple of times in order to have a calibration that works (where I can see the gauge going up to 100%) And of course if I restart the game all this is lost again!

Do you have this problem too? Any advice?

Original Writen by Voxen in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 26-06-2015 19:41.